Coaching Program Creation

You are are already an expert in your field. Let's expand your impact.

You are are already an expert in your field. Let's expand your impact.​

You have built a business you love and are great at. And now one of two things has happened –

1. ) People want to learn from you how you did it OR
2. ) Your clients want to go deeper with you for a more personal touch and faster results.

THIS your sign that it's time to create a coaching program.

Imagine you had a friend say “Hey, let’s meet up on the 12th in Seattle. See you then!” That’s great and all… but how are you going to get there? Will you fly? Roadtrip? What highway will you take?

Sometimes you can see the destination. Perhaps you have even had other coaches tell you “just do this”. But you weren’t exactly sure what this was or how to actually get where you wanted to go. It’s a little like going on a roadtrip with no map on how to get there. Let’s change that… TODAY.

I have spent the last four years entrenched in high ticket coaching programs, not only administering one of the most successful coaching programs in the industry as Director of Coaching for the Two Comma Club X coaching program at Clickfunnels…  but also working every. single. day with entrepreneurs delivering their own coaching programs – guiding, learning, immersing and brainstorming with the most successful business owners in their industries.  I build coaching program frameworks, customer journeys and client success systems in my sleep.  Day in and day out… it’s what I do.  

Here’s what I’ve discovered over the last four years –

There is a simple, repeatable framework inside every coaching program. There is no “one size fits all” model for a coaching program and (here’s my secret!) and it actually starts with YOUR lifestyle and revenue goals.  Once we define those, then we work together to plug the pieces of the framework (there are eight) into your final goals so you have clarity on your client journey, you will know what systems to implement and how to deliver top results for your clients. 

Because when you know the correct pieces that go into every coaching program, the implementation is simple.  

In my 2-hour custom Coaching Program Creation Intensive ($4,000 investment) you will leave our call with a complete action plan outlining the (8) foundational pieces you need in your coaching program, breaking each one down down into action steps and achievable goals.  You will have clarity on how to package your expertise into a repeatable package you love to deliver that grows your tribe, your impact and your legacy. 

Are you ready?
Let's map out YOUR coaching program!