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Courses & Trainings

Freelancers Secrets

I’ve never seen a more clearly laid out “roadmap” that acts like a high-level guide for someone wanting to start a business online, but might need help figuring out how or where to start.

Julie Stoian went from stay-at-home mom to six-figure freelancer in just a few years, despite the crapstorm of obstacles that she was dealt…

She walks you through each step of the “freelancer’s roadmap” that took her on this journey.  Check out her crazy story, and then you’ll see why I have zero doubt that you can do it, too…

Tech Tools

all things sales funnels

Clickfunnels is hands-down the easiest way to create sales funnels without  time-consuming (and expensive) custom coding and multiple programs duct-taped together.

With free pre-made templates and easy-to-follow roadmaps, within an hour you can create multiple webpages to generate new leads and new revenue. 

Get a free 14-day trial NOW and see for yourself.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is 30-days of step-by-step training and support from successful online marketers.  

If you’re not sure exactly where to start…  START HERE.  In just one month, you’ll have a funnel that is built and LIVE, and ready to gather leads and sales.

DotCom Secrets reveals the secrets to grow any company online with sales funnels.  It truly doesn’t matter if you own a brick and mortar store, an online agency or your own network marketing business – you need to get this book!

The follow-up to DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets will help you find your voice, craft your message and create a mass movement of people whose lives you can effect.  Your message matters, and Expert Secrets will help you get it out there!

I watched Russell deliver Traffic Secrets live two years ago (before he wrote this book).  It was mind-blowing then… and it is mind-blowing now.  Because it’s all evergreen strategy, no matter what platform you use to drive traffic and no matter is you spend money on ads (or not).

Tech Tools

all things websites

Namecheap is the best place to buy domain names.  Hands down.  Not only are they super affordable, but it is good practice to purchase your domains separately from your hosting (in case something goes down, it won’t all crash).

SiteGround is my current webhost and their customer service is outstanding.  Whether you’re super knowledgable on all things website or a complete newbie, SiteGround makes being a website owner easy-peasy.

By far, Flywheel is the Cadillac of web hosting.  Their platform is easy to use, their customer service is out of this world, and they offer many standard perks – like nightly backups and security certificates – that others charge for.

If you are looking for a theme for your website, look no further than Studiopress.  The home of the Genesis Framework, they also offer almost 50 different themes to build out your site just the way you imagine.

When you dream, dream bigHello You Designs offers the most beautiful and comprehensive websites around.  I am always blown away by the layouts, the extra details and the functionality that is built in to every theme.