Happy Clients

I was frustrated with squirrel syndrome, imposter syndrome, and I needed help determining a clear path to get my biz started as well as help figuring out my service pricing/packaging. Sarah helped break everything down, challenge by challenge, and recommended specific actionable steps I could implement right away to help reduce the overwhelm and make progress toward my goals. If you're new to freelancing, feeling stuck or overwhelmed and unsure how to proceed, affected by squirrel syndrome or/and imposter syndrome, I would highly recommend you book a coaching call with Sarah. Like NOW. Get off your butt and do it. She's got experience solving your challenges, and gives solid, practical advice to help you break everything down into manageable pieces and set a clear path to reach your goals. She's great at helping you get the clarity you're looking for to move forward confidently. Thank you Sarah!!
~ Chris L.
Sarah is one of those people you are instantly drawn to. She is a straight shooter, strong business leader, and always provides good comic relief. I trust her knowledge and opinion. Sarah listened intently and gave me solid advice for improving my business struggles that specifically worked for me and my personality. She is great at helping me see that I already have a lot of things done that can be tweaked; that I don’t need to reinvent the wheel all the time. I highly recommend working with Sarah.
~ Diana
Sarah provided a big shift in my thinking (my mind was locked in on price levels). We had some great ideas that are actionable/achievable to get our business to 'next'. Our conversation around mindset also provided some much needed validation that my instincts are correct, that I'm on the right path, with the right focus.  Sarah provided me with several very creative, actionable ideas we believe will take our business to the next level. Along with that, her advice on the strategy questions I brought to her helped crystallize our road-map for the next quarter. I just wish we'd reached out to her sooner!
~ David
Sarah, thank you so much for talking with me! I was confused on what steps to take to start making actual progress. After talking with you I feel less overwhelmed and know what next steps I need to take. I love your direct, no nonsense style! I felt like you could relate to my situation and instead of giving me generic advice that could take months or more, you helped me determine actionable steps I can do to start seeing results. You also gave me some great tips and suggestions! So, not only am I able to start getting results now, I have additional steps I can take so I can keep getting results! I will be recommending you to anyone looking for a coach. Thank you!
~ Darcy
Going into my coaching call with Sarah, my goals were to get clarity about my service offerings and figure out a plan to increase my income. I was feeling defeated about my business; I have been in business for a few years but my income is not where it needs to be. Sarah helped me come up with a clear and concrete plan to meet my income goals and gave me actionable steps to put it in motion. Now I don't feel confused and all over the place like I did before our call. I would definitely recommend working with her even if you are not just starting out. You will get clarity on how to bring your business to the next level!
~ Jocelyn
I was paralyzed by the constant over-thinking of which idea to pursue and how to pursue it.  My brain was exhausted, my confidence was out to lunch, and I felt like I was failing at starting. Fast forward to my hour call with Sarah--my takeaway was priceless!! She helped me figure out what I really didn't want to do, which in turn helped me figure out what I did! In an hour we narrowed down what can be scaled to achieve my lifestyle/business goals, real examples of how she's helped others do the same, and what I need to focus on NOW to start making progress. Most importantly, she reminded me that changes in business direction are not failures, they're simply pivots! I love that mindset! Sarah is the "frazzled brain" whisperer for entrepreneurs !! Thanks a million Sarah!
~ Belinda
Sarah has a knack for knowing just what to say to bring the overwhelm down to a manageable level. She helped me to get clear on a number of areas in my business and was quickly able to identify where my mindset was the only thing holding me back.
~ Heather
Sarah not only answered the questions I showed up with, she answered questions about my business that I didn't even realize that I had. She was able to jump right in, with only a little bit of background, and offer sound, actionable advice. I feel so much more confident about moving my business into the next stage after our conversation. She really exceeded my expectations.
~ Karen