When Life Shift Happens {My Story}

Four years ago I sat on my basement stairs, trying to hide my tears from the five kids who were sitting upstairs blissfully watching giant balloons the size of skyscrapers march down Madison Avenue. My heart was breaking so hard that the pain was completely physical. I had no appetite and yet… there was a turkey to cook and a smile to wear. Because I couldn’t tell my kids that their daddy wasn’t sure he wanted to stick around and I was trying to convince him to stay. Fast forward to today. Thanksgiving is still hard for me. Some wounds

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Start Your Business With Zero Dollars {The Basics}

There is a time and a place for investing money back into your business. You will at some point need to invest in infrastructure and some paid business systems that can keep up with you …but the beginning of your business is not the time to sink money you don’t have into this new venture.

When I started my business, I started it with zero dollars and you can to.

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